Leftöver Crack

Oh how much we learn from our rambles in the music industry!

Explanation of band name Leftover Crack - Preserve posterFor example, that in Manhattan there is a neighborhood called Alphabet City, after the Ave's A, B, C and D - the only streets in New York tagged with a single letter.

Or that leftover crack (written for this occasion without diaeresis) is an oxymoron: a figure of speech in which two words that contradict each other in their literal meaning are still combined into one and the same term (as in 'old news', 'a public secret' or 'a deafening silence').

But we are wandering straight off.

Alphabet City is home to Leftöver Crack, an American punk rock band formed when ska punk band Choking Victim chucked it (or would 'choked it' be more appropriate here?).

Alright, let us now deal with that oxymoron. Leftover crack actually is unthinkable, because which self-respecting addict would allow any of the yummy toxicant to be left unused?

Active: 1998-present, USA
Site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Leftover-Crack/190096094352619

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