Pinhead Gunpowder - Side effect of dumpster diving

Punk rock band from East Bay, California.

What band name Pinhead Gunpowder stands for - Green teaGunpowder (in Chinese: zu chà) is a kind of tea that by the shape of its petals (rolled up to balls) is somewhat reminiscent of gunpowder – hence the name.

The story goes that the drummer of what became Pinhead Gunpowder, Aaron Cometbus (would that be his real name?), was dumpster diving at the co-op supermarket in Arcata. Dumpster divers take a dive into waste containers to see if something useful or edible can be found there.

Cometbus apparently encountered Gunpowder Pinhead Tea (note the order of the words), described by him as tea with high octane content and that is how the band name came into being - after some dueling, because the other band members would have preferred 50 Foot Hesher.

And while we are explaining all kinds of things anyway: a hesher is a Reebock sneaker-wearing rake of about 28 years old who, dressed in bleached jeans and a Judas Priest T-shirt, still lives with his old folks - usually in the basement - and who is firmly convinced that he really rocks on his Ibanez Stratocaster.

He owns a 'classic' (haha) Chevrolet Nova that hasn't started in the last five years (but wait till he has time to do something about it!) and he is proud of his long, oily hair. Is easily identified by the plastic hair brush in his back pocket and the fact that he thinks that almost forgotten bands such as AC/DC, Metallica and Jackyll are the best acts in the world.

That in a few words is a hesher, and mirrors don't lie. And would that not have been a beautiful entry for this encyclopedia!

Active: 1990-present, USA

See also: Judas Priest, AC/DC

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