Skyhooks - Attention Earth-people!

Sometimes we feel totally out of our depth finding out what or who a band name refers to exactly. Take the glam rockers operating under the name The Skyhooks (Melbourne, Victoria): there have to be twenty or so explanations of the word skyhook.

A small selection: a skyhook is a hook that allows us to lift cargo with a helicopter; it is an unmanned balloon for exploring the stratosphere; it is an experimental helicopter; it is a hook used by mountaineers; it is the nickname of a type of plane (the Cessna CH-1); it is a suspension system developed by car manufacturer Maserati; it is a binding used by skateboarders; it is a handle we use to unfold a reserve parachute and it is the nickname of a prehistoric plane (the Airco DH. 6 from 1916).

All these are candidates for attaching a meaning to band name The Skyhooks, but of course only one can be the right one - and none of the meanings above is in that category.

Where Skyhooks got the band name idea from - Fred Sears - Earth vs Flying SaucersNo, the Australians took their band name from a black and white film titled Earth vs. the Flying Saucers, directed by Fred F. Sears. A remarkable film because it was released in 1956, a full year before the first satellite (the Russian Sputnik I) was launched; the movie is about an American space project that involves the launch of no less than a dozen satellites.

The code name of that enterprise? Project Skyhook.

Active: 1973-1980; 1983; 1984; 1990; 1994, AUS

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