Alternative rock from Winterhaven, Florida, with a sense of humour, if we are permitted to go by the smoke screens the band managed to put up around the origins of its name.

For instance, at one point singer Stephen Christian maintained that the band simply had adopted the name reserved for his first-born daughter.

How Anberlin got their bandname - Berlin postcardLater Christian came up with the story that a planned trip to Europe provided the inspiration. Pondering over the cities he thought would be worth a visit, he put London, Paris, Rome and Berlin on his shortlist. 'And Berlin' sounded good to him as a band name, provided it would be converted into Anberlin.

Later again Stephen Christian confessed that from the very beginning it was the band's intention to continuously come up with different explanations for the name, as a sort of running gag.

Finally in Alternative Press Magazine Christian stated that there was really no explanation for the band's name choice. It was already too late by then: fans had started to invent explanations themselves.

A very nice one is that Anberlin is a corruption of Anne Boleyn, the name of one of English King Henry VIII's wives.

Active: 2002-present, USA

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