Firefall band name inspiration - Horsetail Falls Yosemite by Stan Rapada
Firefall - Horsetail Falls Yosemite by Stan Rapada
With (at one point) two ex-members of the Flying Burrito Brothers in their ranks it was unavoidable that the repertoire of Firefall (from Boulder, Colorado) drifted into the direction of country rock.

The idea for the band name was fanned by a ritual performed between 1872 and 1968 in Yosemite Park.

The owners of the the Glacier Point Hotel, at an altitude of 1,000 meters, made large campfires on summer evenings, the glowing embers of which were without further ado pushed into a ravine at nine.

That created a kind of waterfall of fire, attracting more and more spectators over the years.

After the hotel burned down in 1969 it was not rebuilt and park management prohibited the fire fest from then on.

Active: 1974, USA

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