Go Back To The Zoo

Also abbreviated to GBTTZ, although that really doesn't make a conversation about the band much easier.

The pop rockers from Nijmegen in the Netherlands, founded by brothers Teun (guitar) and Cas Hieltjes (vocals) and drummer Bram Kniest moved to Amsterdam, where Lars Kroon (bass) joined them.

In career terms Go Back To The Zoo worked in reverse by first entering the public eye thanks to marketing (the song Beam Me Up was used in a successful Nike commercial), only to land a contract with a major record label (Universal) after that.

They also proved to be self-willed in choosing their band name.

The rumor that the mother of one of the band members fed their inspiration must be rejected. The mother, who worked at Artis Zoo in Amsterdam, is supposed to have interfered in the name issue, earning her the reaction 'you go back to your zoo'. So, nice story, not true.

How Go Back to the Zoo got their band name - Woodland Park ZooMore amusing, but equally untrue, is the statement that The Zoo was the zoological collection (say the bestiary) of the late Dutch author and television maker Boudewijn Büch. That collection is said to have been housed in The Cave, a space under a Utrecht canal house used by the band to rehearse in. Kind of funny, but complete nonsense.

The men chose their name in a different way: they used to go to concerts together; if an act did not find favor in the eyes of the band they would release their emotions by throwing the deadly words 'Go back to the zoo' at the band on the stage.

Active: 2008-present, NLD
Site: http://www.gobacktothezoo.nl/home.html

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