I Am Kloot - Complicating things

There are bands that – even at gunpoint - simply do not want to say what their band name means. Usually it is an indication that

a. the band does not know it either or
b. the explanation is too childish for words.

However that may be, it remains a real pain for your humble editorial staff.

The indie rock formation I Am Kloot from Manchester is just such a mysterious band.

Where band name I Am Kloot comes from - Klute film- Donald Sutherland - Jane FondaA possible explanation for the band name is that Kloot is the same as Klute. In that scenario the band name could be based on a film from 1971 in which a second-rate private detective, John Klute (played by Donald Sutherland) takes on a practically insoluble case.

His co-star, prostitute Bree Daniels (played by Jane Fonda) makes things pretty complicated for Klute.

Active: 1999-present, GBR
Site: http://iamkloot.com/



Unknown said...

Kloot is a Dutch (colloquial) word for bollock. So they better explain or the Dutch word will be the explanation.

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