Meat Puppets - Driving mom mad

Cow punkers from Phoenix, Arizona.

According to an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education a 'meat puppet is a peculiar inhabitant of the digital world — a fictional character that passes for a real person online.'

More generally, a meat puppet is a spineless person, someone who has no will of his own (see in this context also Violent Femmes). A softie we could also say.

How Meat Puppets got heir band name - frustrated-mom-cartoonAnd that name could well be quite appropriate, because a more detailed explanation for the band's name is the following: in their early teens the brothers Curt and Cris Kirkwood (respectively singer/guitarist and bassist in the band) seem to have managed to regularly get a rise out of their mother by flipping their willies out of their pants while seated at the dinner table.

With their own meat puppets they would stage plays in which the puppets were talking to each other in crazy high voices.

Bullocks one might call it.

Active: 1980-1996; 1999-2002; 2006-present, USA

See also: Violent Femmes

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