Anthrax - Source: grazing animals

Heavy metal band from New York, probably the first that managed to successfully combine heavy metal with rap. The band is considered to be one of the Big Four trash metal bands (the other three are Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer).

Where did Anthrax get the band name idea - Biology Books (jrfmantra)Anthrax is also the name of a disease occurring among grazing animals. It can be passed on to humans.

The notorious anthrax letters that first turned up in 2001 can not have been a source of inspiration for the band name, judging by the band's founding date.

The name really comes from guitar player Scott Ian (in fact Scott Ian Rosenfeld), who discovered it in a biology school book.

At the time the deadly powder letters were delivered, the band was under pressure to change the name. These attempts were in vain however, and rightly so.

Active: 1981-present, USA

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