Blind Melon

Californian rock band that temporarily broke up when singer Shannon Hoon passed away shortly after the release of the second album.

There are those who maintain that the band name is mentioned in cult music film Spinal Tap, but this has to be called in question.

References made here and there to exploding melons causing blindness also seem to be the fruit of too much imagination.

A song with the title Blind Melon Chitlin' does exist, recorded by comical duo Cheech & Chong, but that plainly satirizes blues singers (chitlin' – official name chitterlings - is pig tripe).

How did Blind Melon get their band name - HippiesWe therefore can not but assume that Blind Melon simply nicked its name from Blind Lemon: blues singer Blind Lemon Jefferson (1893-1929).

Unless we see something in the story that Brad Smith's father, Blind Melon's bass player, used to call the neighboring hippie couple 'a couple of blind melons'. Melon is a slang word meaning 'idiot'.

Active: 1989-1995; 2006-present, USA

See also: Jefferson Airplane, Spinal Tap



Unknown said...

There is also an episode of Sanford and Son where Fred Sanford has a box of old blues records and he makes several references to the fictitious blues legend "Blind Melon Jelly" ... although I cannot say for certain I do believe this episode of Sanford and Son predates the Chich and Chong skit.

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