Cibo Matto - Coq au rice wine?

Perhaps it was precisely their versatility that prevented greater fame.

Fact is that the New York-based Japanese young ladies Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori prepared a brew of a huge number of different styles for their band Cibo Matto to play.

What does band name Cibo Matto mean - Crazy food - Fusion cuisineThere is talk of a combination of jazz, hip hop, Brazilian sounds, African drumming, Japanese rock, disco samples, acid jazz, indie rock and even Shibuya-kei.

Also noteworthy: the songs Cibo Matto served up were mainly about food.

This might explain the group name, because Cibo Matto is Italian for 'crazy food'.

Despite their ethnic origin and the important role of food and beverage in Japanese culture, Yuka and Miho never became 'big in Japan'.

Active: 1994-2001, USA

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