Flaming Lips

American rock band from Oklahoma City with a soft spot for such inviting song titles as Psychiatric Explorations or the Fetus with Needles.

How did Flaming Lips get their band name - Flambe cocktail - Photo Paul McMillanOver-enthusiastic fans first used their own imagination to figure out what the band name might mean, producing explanations like 'the Rolling Stones logo' (which can rightly be described as two fiery lips), 'a reference to drugs' and 'a certain venereal disease' (a female one, that is).

Next to this the name is said to show up as a neon sign in films with Shirley Maclaine and Fred Astaire, or a quotation is suggested coming from the burning lips of philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson (in this case poet Margaret Walker would be more eligible, with her remark that 'The word of fire burns today on the lips of our prophets in an evil age').

But it is all just idle talk, according to an interview with frontman Wayne Coyne:

'Back in 1983 when we were approaching our first gig we really didn't know what we were gonna be called.', he says. 'I'd read somewhere about a group called the Flaming Hands, which was a name I'd liked and that led to the Flaming Lips.'

Active: 1983-present, USA
Site: http://www.flaminglips.com/

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