Hawthorne Heights - Unclean singer

The alternative rock band Hawthorne Heights comes from Dayton, Ohio and can boast a lineup that includes an unclean vocalist; more about that later.

The name of the group according to some fans refers to a place in Ohio, but we have not been able to discover it. On various spots on the globe there are villages and neighbourhoods called Hawthorne Heights, among others in the US State of Indiana.

How did Hawthorne Heights get their band name idea - Nathaniel Hawthorne - The Scarlet letterBy 'Hawthorne' the Daytoners honor author Nathaniel Hawthorne (in fact Nathaniel Hathorne, 1804-1864). Evil and the sins of mankind are often central in his books and he not seldom presents moral messages that stand out by their psychological complexity.

Whether or not all this can be recognized in the music of Hawthorne Heights is currently subject of an intensive study; you will hear more about it, perhaps.

And on the subject of the unclean vocalist: that does not apply to the personal care of the man, but to his singing style. That style is sometimes mockingly described as Cookie Monster-vocals; see and – especially - listen to Sesame Street.

For those who want to know even more about it: check out Death Growl on Wikipedia.

Active: 2001-present, USA
Site: http://www.hawthorneheights.com/



Unknown said...

May have something to do with the famous Hawthorn Hill- the home of Orville, Milton, and Katharine Wright, which is located in Dayton.

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