Riddlin' Kids - Novartis not amused

The American music city Austin, Texas produced among others the Riddlin' Kids (also called: RK).

How Riddlin Kids got the band name - Ritalin cartoonThe punk rockers of RK were not at all averse to chemical stimulants, especially if it concerned Ritalin (yet as far as we know none of the band members suffered from ADHD, the original focus of attention of the Ritalin designers).

Calling your band the Ritalin Kids however is asking for problems: the manufacturer of the drug, Novartis, will really not give you an appreciative pat on the back.

To avoid legal action the matter was solved phonetically.

Active: 2001-2005; 2009; 2010, USA
Site: http://do512.com/artists/riddlin-kids

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