Slick Shoes - Great idea

In the Californian Antelope Valley this band made Christian pop punk music for more than a decade.

Where did Goonies get their band name from - Richard Data WangThe name comes from family film The Goonies (director: Richard Donner) brought into circulation in 1985 and acting out the adventures of a group of children who run into a treasure map. The story was created by none other than Steven Spielberg.

One of the youthful characters is a kind of wizz kid, Richard 'Data' Wang (played by Jonathan Ke Quan). One of the nifty gadgets that Data has at his disposal is hidden in his Nikes.

A piece of dialogue:

Data: 'I've got a great idea you guys. Slick shoes!'

The others: 'Slick shoes? Are you crazy?'

At which Data uses a kind of remote control to make the heels of his Nikes fold out. Two small nozzles spray oil on the road, flooring any pursuers and leaving them floundering  on the ground helplessly.

See also The Fratellis and Troy's Bucket.

Active: 1994-2004; 2007-2008, USA

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