Sloan - But sure

The band from Halifax, Nova Scotia is especially adept at power pop and indie rock.

Two stories go round concerning the origin of the band name.

The nicest one is probably that the name Sloan was 'borrowed' from the Sloan firm, manufacturer of urinals. We refer to Adam Ant.

How did Sloan get their band name - Slinkachu graffiti snailBut we do so in the knowledge that the more likely explanation is a very different one.

The band members had a friend, Jason Larsen, who was as slow as a snail in a paintshop.

For that reason his French-speaking boss called him The Slow One. The French accent made the nickname sound very much like Sloan, the name the band adopted in 1992.

Jason's attitude toward work earned him a portrait on the cover of the first album by Sloan - the band members found that that was the least they could do.

See also: Adam & the Ants

Active: 1991-present, CAN

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