Apoptygma Berzerk

What does band name Apoptygma Berzerk mean - Greek Peplos Dress or TunicBand from Sarpsborg/Fredrikstad in Norway, sometimes called APB or APOP, specializing in a successful blend of upbeat, danceable synth pop and chilling ballads.

Taking this into consideration it's disappointing that the band members must have been struck by inertia, resulting in a halfhearted dictionary consultation.

Speaking with Wikipedia: 'The name Apoptygma Berzerk either has a secret meaning or does not mean anything.' It all depends on the interview one happens to read.

Fact is that Apoptygma is Greek; it means something like pleated tunic, and Berzerk means, well, berserk.

Active: 1989-present, NOR
Site: http://www.theapboffice.com

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