Punk rock band from Poway, California, that began as Blink.

Irish techno band Blink already owned this name, so they had to widen their outlook and come up with something else. The name was then simply extended with '182'.

Simple as it may seem, this number became central to many debates about its meaning.

Why band name Blink-182 - Random number - Arkham Horror diceOne postulates that 182 points to the number of times Al Pacino says fuck in the film Scarface (1983, director Brian De Palma; checking this was beyond our capacity), another says it is a reference to a Bob Clark film, Turk 182! (1985).

Funnier and often for that reason less likely is the explanation that 182 is the ideal weight of Blink's bass player Mark Hoppus. For those who really want to know all the ins and outs of the matter: this is in American pounds, so weight-wise it is 82 kilograms and 555 grams.

And then there is the rather complicated statement that 182 must be split into 18 and 2 and that the corresponding letters in the alphabet – 'R' and 'B' – have something to do with the initials of Rancho Bernardo, a San Diego suburb and the place where Blink's singer / guitarist Tom DeLonge went to school for a while.

Despite all these theories the band insists that 182 is a completely random number.

Active: 1992-2005; 2009-present, USA

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