Bloodhound Gang

Alternative punk rock band that jumped up from Collegeville, Pennsylvania with a strong fondness of tracks with humorous and/or sexually scented texts.

Where does the Bloodhound Gang get the band name from - Bloodhound Gang TV seriesThe original Bloodhound Gang was rather more innocent: a group of young American sleuths following Sherlock Holmes in his footsteps.

The adventures of the Bloodhound Gang led to a large number of short TV programs that were broadcasted from 1983 to 1986 through the American Public Broadcasting System, invariably introduced by a tune with this encouraging text:

'Whenever there's trouble
We're there on the double
We're the Bloodhound Gang
If you've got the crime
We've got the time
We're the Bloodhound Gang.'

Active: 1992-present, USA

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