Dixie Chicks - Not chicken

Coming from Dallas it does not come as a complete surprise that the band is quite adept at genres country, bluegrass and folk.

If the majority decides the chicks get their name from the song Dixie Chicken in the version of either Little Feat or Garth Brooks. Dixie Chickens would have been the intention, but because one of the ladies had concerns about going through life as chicken, it was shortened to chicks.

How did the Dixie Chicks get their band name - Dixie Chicken bar - College Station, TexasSome back away from this explanation though. On internet forums it is pointed out that before they became famous the Chicks regularly performed in The Dixie Chicken, if not a famous bar, then surely a notorious one in College Station (Texas), the same place where the legendary record company of Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss (A & M Records) is established.

Nice tidbit: the pub in question is listed as the place where the world's most beer per square meter of bar space is sold.

Active: 1989-present, USA
Site: http://www.dixiechicks.com/

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