Foghat - Scrabble scrabbled

How did Foghat get their band name - scrabble-getting-scrabbledBritish rock band that had success especially in the last century.

The common explanation for the group name is that band member 'Lonesome Dave' Everett came up with the word foghat himself when as a young boy he played a game of Scrabble with his younger brother.

If this is not the case, then the men of Foghat are a bit naughty, because if pronounced quickly - and preferably with a Cockney-accent – the band name sounds like, well, you get the message.

Active: 1971-1984; 1986-present, GBR



Bill Nelson - Kenai, Alaska said...

When the fog rolls into a fjord surrounded by mountains, you can climb up the mountainside above the fog and look down on the 'fog hat' covering the bay.
Bill Nelson - Kenai, Alaska

Anonymous said...

I always thought that since the band was from the 70's and they smoked a lot of weed back then, the smoke would envelope/cover their entire heads like a well..."fog hat".

Anonymous said...

There's an old British saying that goes something like "it chafes my fog hat",referring to the shape of a sailor's rain hat. Look up the images and you'll "get the picture".

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