Go-Go's - Thanks to a Miracle

The most famous Go-Go's are a US female band from Los Angeles, California that poduces punk rock and power pop.

They wrote history by being the first American all female rock band to arrive at the first position of music magazine Billboard's album chart with an LP that contained original compositions.

How did the Go-Go's get their band name - Smokey Robinson and the MiraclesThe women are believed to have taken the term Go-Go from a 1965 Miracles song, Going to a Go-Go, co-composed by the miraculous frontman of the Miracles, Smokey Robinson.

Once there was another group of Go-Go 's, an ensemble from Scottish Newcastle that released a comical Christmas number at the end of 1964 with the title I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas With A Dalek.

And because you really want to know everything we conclude this column with the comment that a Dalek is an alien combatant in many of the episodes of the in England extremely popular science fiction series Doctor Who.

And you will know who the Who are, but just in case, you can always go here.

Active: 1978-1985; 1990-present, USA
Site: http://www.gogos.com/

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