Mindbenders - Stick in the brain

How did the Mindbenders get their band name - Mind Benders film posterThe beat formation from Manchester is best known for its role as backing band of pop singer Wayne Fontana, who made a name for himself in the sixties. Fontana of course was not really called Fontana, but Glyn Geoffrey Ellis – not a name that sticks in the brain.

Many people think that Wayne took on this alias to please his record company, the Philips sublabel Fontana.

But that is not so: Wayne 'borrowed' a large part of his stage name from the permanent drummer of Elvis Presley, D.J. Montana, the man who keeps the beat on nearly 500 recordings of The King.

And the Mindbenders? When they were chosing a band name they took a close look at a poster of a 1962 film, entitled The Mind Benders, starring Dirk Bogarde as the brainwashing specialist Dr. Henry Laidlaw Longman.

Active: 1963-1968, GBR

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