Four albums and eight EPs the Minutemen from San Pedro, California brought out. That their musical career was broken off abruptly in 1985 had everything to do with the death of guitarist D. Boon, who was killed in a car crash.

How did Minutemen get their band name - Minute-Man-StatueThe name of the rock band is sometimes, mistakenly, attributed to the ultra short songs they released.

The seven songs on their first EP for example, Paranoid Time, (all together!) lasted 6 minutes and 31 seconds - an admirable average of less than a minute per song.

But according to bassist Mike Watt the source of the band name is an entirely different one: he was referring to the armed forces that in the Revolutionary War were composed of local militias.

These militias, known as the Minutemen, pledged that, if called upon, they would be ready for combat one minute after receiving the call.

Active: 1980-1985, USA
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