Nerf Herder

Pop punk band from Santa Barbara, California, with a certain fascination for the Star Wars film The Empire Strikes Back.

What does band name Nerf Herder mean - Star Wars - Nerf-herderIn that film Princess Leia and Han Solo often rub each other the wrong way. So at one point Leia lets Han know what is on her mind: 'My ...! Why, you stuck up, ... half-witted ... scruffy-looking nerf herder ...!'

Is a nerf-herder something very terrible? Not really, no. It is a kind of simple peasant who guards nerfs.

A nerf - as Wookieepedia ('The Star Wars Wiki') tells us - is a four-footed mammal that has much in common with Scottish Highland cattle.

Nerfs are actually not found in Scotland, but they are in all other parts of our galaxy.

Active: 1994-2003; 2005-present, USA

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