Hives - Not a nest

North-west of Swedish capital Stockholm lies the town of Fagersta, nest site of The Hives, a band that - invariably dressed in black and white (so a kind of White Stripes, but different) – hatches garage rock and post punk.

What does band name Hives stand for - Nettle brewHives is the plural of hive and can mean the structure bees live in, but in this case hives is the noun meaning nettle rash (urticaria).

And that corresponds completely with what singer Howlin Pelle once said about the band name:

'We're not a nest, we're definitively a rash, we get under people's skins.'

This rash is supposed to have been given its name by Randy Fitzsimmons, the manager of the band and a kind of Swedish Brian Epstein.

Band member Nicholaus Arson is suspected of being the man behind the name Randy Fitzsimmons.

Active: 1993-present, SWE

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