Jimmie's Chicken Shack - Sign of the times

Alternative rockers from Annapolis, Maryland, counted among the contingent of post-grunge bands.

How did Jimmie's Chicken Shack get the band name - Jazz club - New York - HarlemJimmy's Chicken Shack (with a 'y' instead of 'ie') was one of the favorite hang-outs of Malcolm X, once the leader of The Nation of Islam, a religious-political movement that preached the supremacy of the black race.

Traditionally the Chicken Shack was a jazz club, with performances that sometimes were recorded for posterity.

The club has long been closed; in the same building (address: 741-743 St. Nicholas Avenue, West Harlem, New York) there is a burger joint nowadays.

Active: 1994-present, USA
See also: Chicken Shack

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