Kachel - World's oldest rock band?

The birth year 1355 of rock formation Kachel can be inferred from a CD the band released in 2005: 650 years Kachel.

Kachel is Dutch for stove, but, more important in this context, it can also mean very drunk, as in loaded or sozzled.

The band, specialists in (we quote) 'pimply ass rock & roll' and 'dunck punk', recommends itself by the slogan 'We are Kachel – are you?', reason for strong suspicions that alcoholic stimulants play a significant role in the lives of the band members.

They paraded their preference for liquid assets earlier in bands with names like Axe, Victum and MBA (Mama's Bank Account).

How did Kachel get the band name - Becht en Dyserinck kachel - WeesperkaspelBut it is not necessarily the bottle that led to the final band name Kachel.

Well, it is actually, but because our readers expect us to adhere to the highest ethical standards, here is a historical account.

Around 1850 there was, in a place called Weesperkarspel, in the area where Kachel occasionally gives its emotions free rein, a bronze works factory, Becht & Dyserinck, also known as 'the stove factory'.

Perhaps the band owes its name to this factory?

No, because in 1355, when the band was started, the Becht & Dyserinck stove factory did not exist. Beer did.

Anyhow, Kachel is and remains (heart) warming.

Active: 1355-present, NLD

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