Spinners - Them ain't no spinnaz mayn

They are also called The Motown Spinners (and, after their departure from record company Motown, The Detroit Spinners), the members of this soul band from Detroit.

It is sometimes incorrectly assumed that the band name Spinners refers to the cheerful, twirling dance steps the group members show off during their performances, but that - we said it before – is wrong.

What does band name Spinners mean - Hubcap artSinger Bobby Smith opens our eyes by letting us know that spinners are large, chrome-plated hubcaps that, if you really want to steal the show, can be attached to the wheels of your Cadillac.

Some consider spinners a bit vulgar actually (sorry, Bobby), as evidenced by the now following entertaining dialogue we found on the unsurpassed website Urban Dictionary:

Chicano: Ay holmes, look at my new spinners holmes!
Thug: Spic, them ain't no spinnaz mayn, them some cheap-ass Wal-Mart spinner hubcaps.
Chicano: Ay, fuck you piche mayate.

Active: 1961-present, USA
Site: http://www.spinnersmusic.com/

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