Artful Dodger

British R&B/garage band from Southampton.

A much older American band operates under the same name, but it was temporarily discontinued in 1997.

The British Dodgers have been far from secretive about the source of their name.

As they were responsible for the production of quite a few bootlegs in their early days, the band members looked for a name that had a connection with the concept of 'theft'.

How did Artful Dodger get the band name - Jack Dawkins - Oliver TwistAt first they chose Robin Hood, but because they wanted to go in a more southerly direction from a geographical point of view they ended up in Oliver Twist's London, described so strikingly by Charles Dickens.

The name of the pickpocket acting in it, The Artful Dodger (aka Jack Dawkins), was exactly right for them.

Active: 1997-present, GBR

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