Blue Öyster Cult

New York band that should be / have been the response to Black Sabbath (see there) and first appeared as Soft White Underbelly (don't see there) and subsequently as Stalk-Forrest Group (certainly don't see there).

Manager Sandy Pearlman came up with the band name, it is presumed because he had an appetite for a science fiction style group consisting of aliens.

Blue Oyster Cult band name explanation - Oyster
It is also assumed that the term Blue Öyster Cult appears in a Pearlman poem.

The manager himself confused the debate somewhat by stating in American music mag ZigZag (1976) that the band name is an anagram of Cully Stout Beer.

Letter-wise this makes some sense, but although we Googled until we dropped, we could not find any links to Cully Beer - let alone Cully Stout Beer.

See also: Black Sabbath

Active: 1971-present, USA

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