Honeymoon Killers

Experimental rock, that is what these inhabitants of Brussels, who together formed the Honeymoon Killers, loved.

Where did Honeymoon Killers get the band name idea - Honeymoon Killers film poster - Leonard KastleArrogant and funny they were considered, because they did not care about what people thought and with much ease lampooned genres such as rockabilly, punk, mars music, French chansons and free jazz.

For the group name the band looked at a film by director Leonard Kastle, entitled – you will not sit up - The Honeymoon Killers (1970).

Maybe the fact that the music for the film was composed by Gustav Mahler was decisive.

In France and Belgium the film by the way circulated as 'Les Tueurs de la Lune de Miel', which is a literal French translation of the English band name ('The Killers of the Moon of Honey').

That name appears to be exactly the name the Honeymoon Killers first used when they got engaged with the music business.

Active: 1974-1985, BEL
Site: http://houbi.com/belpop/groups/tueurs.htm

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