Speedball - Killer dope

The London band, made up of musicians who originally came from Southend-on-Sea, England, was a continuation of punk band Idiot, founded in 1977.

The punks chose a fairly vehement band name. Because those who want to play a game of speedballing the way it is meant by the band can leave their sports outfits in the closet.

What does band name Speedball stand for - John_BelushiSpeedballing (also called powerballing) is a technique that is applied in the world of reckless drug users. Heroin or morphine and cocaine are blended together in a syringe. The one who injects himself with this cocktail combines - so claim the enthusiasts among the users - the best of two worlds: the cocaine has a stimulating effect, while the heroin (or morphine) brings about the exact opposite reaction.

The result is an extremely intense, euphoric high without the usual drawbacks, such as anxiety and dullness.

Despite all these advantages we definitely do not recommend speedballing. Among the more or less famous victims of powerballing are - just a random pick - John Belushi, Chris Farley, Zac Foley, Lowell George, Mitch Hedberg, Brent Mydland, River Phoenix, Eric Show, Hillel Slovak and Layne Staley.

Active: 1979-1980, GBR

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