Throbbing Gristle

Avant-garde formation that got excited by experiments and performances.

explanation of band name Throbbing Gristle - Bonnee Buttered Beef SteaksAlthough that approach led to humorous aliases of some of the band members (bass guitarist Neil Megson was called Genesis P'Orridge, while the guitars were played by Cosey Fanni Tutti) the keyboardist was not joking around: he simply called himself Chris Carter.

Looking for a literal meaning of throbbing gristle we find that it is a hard substance in meat, a tough tendon for example, that is pulsating somehow, which in our view is not too difficult to visualize.

But because our readers always want to know everything: it actually is a reference to a lively, enthusiastically throbbing male member.

Active: 1975-1981; 2004-2010, GBR

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