Titanic Wash Hoose Band

Better well nicked than ill-conceived: on the fansite of the Titanic Wash Hoose Band the character of this Scottish skiffle band is inimitably described:

'Four alleged musicians who travel around Scotland in their own little world. They took a left turn when the rest of the world turned right, so the usual musical rules don't apply to them. In fact they don't know anything about rules. Or music. Or anything much really.' Right.

What is the meaning of Titanic Wash Hoose Band - washboardAnd now that band name.

The Scottish grandmothers of the band members still did the laundry in a so-called wash house (wash hoose).

Because part of the instruments used by the Titanic Wash Hoose Band could have come from such a wash house (think of the washboard, think of the washtub-bass) the band name actually was up for grabs and especially the adjective Titanic, that manages to express so excellently both the modesty of the individual band members as the disastrous end of their musical career.

Active: ?-2009, GBR



Unknown said...

Titanic wash hoose band were one of the greatest Skiffle bands of the late nineties and early two thousands. The band were at the peak when they headlines the famous T in the park festivals from 2000 - 2006. Contrary to the description, they were forced to disband due to ill health and ultimately the sad death of guitarist Davy Inglis in 2019. Long live the Titanic Wash Hoose Band.

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