Doobie Brothers - In a fog

American rock band from San Jose, California, with a great interest in funk and yacht rock, but especially in doobies (joints).

In an interview lead singer Tom Johnston once told how the original band name Pud (pudding, dessert, hand, paw) was sacrificed immediately when a friend and roommate of the band, Keith "Dyno" Rosen, pointed out that a name mentioning 'doobies' would be more suitable.

On various weblogs a certain J.J. Torok however takes a stand against this explanation. 'I was wondering if perhaps the check was lost in the mail all these years later, after Mike Hossack followed me out of the radio room and asked permission to use the name Doobie Brothers. As of this writing I have not seen a dime.'

Who gave the Doobie Brothers the band name - Roll a joint appSomewhat cryptic perhaps? Here is some further explanation.

According to Torok the future drummer of the Brothers Michael Hossack and he himself served on aircraft carrier USS Independence (CVA62) in 1968. One day Torok walked into the radio room situated amidships and was almost knocked out by an overwhelming smell of freshly lighted marijuana.

'I see the Doobie Brothers are at it again', Torok is supposed to have said, after which he left the room again. Followed closely by Mike Hossack, who called out - we are still quoting Torok - 'Hey, can I use that?' Torok: 'Use what?' Hossack: 'That name, man, that name!' Torok: 'What name?' Hossack again: 'The Doobie Brothers, the Doobie Brothers, man.'

To which Torok seems to have said that Mike could go ahead, 'but if you make any money with it, I get my share.' Hossack: 'You got it man, no problem, you got it.'

However convincingly Torok has dropped this story in several places on the world wide web, fans are skeptical. A ridiculous claim, one of them says, because Hossack only joined the band in 1972 and by that time the Doobie Brothers had already recorded three albums under that name.

Active: 1970-1982; 1987-present, USA

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