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Gov't Mule (pronounced Government Mule) concerns a kind of temporary branch of the Allman Brothers Band. The band performs only every now and then and in always different formations, which may explain why the repertoire is also rather mixed: southern rock, hard rock, blues rock, folk rock and a few more related styles.

An unlikely story to explain the band name about the sizeable backside of the wife of the late James Brown - probably Adrienne Lois Rodriguez Brown (1950-1996) is meant - we sweep aside.

Much more credible is the statement that the famous Government Mule is meant, the pack animal that was promised to freed American slaves in the nineteenth century.

Gov't Mule band name inspiriation - General-William-Tecumseh-ShermanIn 1865 the Federal Government of the United States established the Freedmen's Bureau (Officially 'Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands').

For a while there was mention of each freedman getting forty acres of land (over four thousand square meters), as well as the use (not the ownership) of a governmental quadruped.

That promise was never kept. Although some former slaves could buy or lease small pieces of land, during the period of the Reconstruction (at the time of the administration of president Andrew Johnson) the Freedmen's Bureau was virtually decommissioned; any land that was leased to black farmers was simply taken from them again.

Active: 1994-present, USA

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