Rockers from Agoura Hills, California.

Bands that can boast so many different explanations for their name are rare. It seems that there is much guesswork going around, but that no one really knows the ins and outs of the matter.

A fan (?) holds that a former band member, Marrku Lappalainen, has Hoobastank as his middle name - no evidence is found for this.

A German tank is said to exist called Hoobastank (Hoobas Tank? Hooba's Tank?) - no trace of evidence.

Hoobastank would come from some foreign language, meaning 'hopscotch' - ditto.

What does band name Hoobastank mean - court-roomIt would be a Spoonerism (the reversal of the first letters of words), with the word Scubatank as starting point - demonstrably false, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury.

One of the most beautiful statements is that in the waiting room of a record studio the band met a man suffering from Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome, the defect that makes people uncontrollably swear out loud. The man would have called out repeatedly Hoobastank! Hoobastank! Hoobastank!

What do the band members have to say about the subject? We call to the stand singer Doug Robb: 'It doesn't mean anything. And it's really cool, it's one of those old high school inside-joke words that didn't really mean anything.' We rest our case.

But wait: on 16 december 2003, in the program Loveline, the band members apparently claimed that Hoobastank is the name of a gas station somewhere in Germany.

We will check it for you - but not right away. Session adjourned.

Active: 1994-present, USA
Site: http://hoobastank.com/



Anonymous said...

ankhoobast - moving the end of their name to the beginning sounds like they just took "Incubus" and named themselves after them. They're huge Incubus rip-offs anyway and knew them in their early days.

Anonymous said...

My guess was one or more were previously members of a band called "Hooba" (no idea why that name either). The rest follows easily.

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