Joan as Police Woman

Actually not a band, but a solo act of singer/songwriter Joan Wasser from New York, born in 1970. She mainly makes music that is a cross between blues and soul.

Why band name Joan as Police Woman - Angie Dickinson - Sgt Pepper AndersonJoan had a period in which she looked like a clone of actress Angie Dickinson: with fluffy blond hair and wearing super-tight pants she really matched up to the main character in television series Police Woman. She was, in short, Joan as Police Woman.

Do not underestimate the popularity of the series and its star, Sergeant "Pepper" Anderson: in 1976 the US president, Gerald Ford, postponed a press conference because he had to watch an episode of Police Woman - his favorite TV program.

Had the video recorder not been invented yet?

Active: *1970, USA

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