Kinks - Oh no!

Rock band, pop group or vaudeville vehicle - it is not easy to pin the right label on the music of the Kinks.

In its early days the London band, more specifically from the northern district of Muswell Hill, moved from stage to stage using different names, such as The Pete Quaife Band, The Bo-Weevils and The Ramrods. In the end, for a while, they became The Ravens - after which they finally became The Kinks.

Much has been written about the selection process that led to this name.

There is a statement assuming that the band was looking for the shortest possible name, because such a name would then appear as large as possible on the concert posters. If that is so, then The Who did a better job.

Jon Savage, music journalist and author of The Kinks: The Official Biography, says this about it: 'They needed a gimmick, some edge to get them attention. Here it was: kinkiness - something newsy, naughty but just on the borderline of acceptability.'

How did the Kinks get their band name - DisappointedThe first manager of the Kinks, Robert Wace, remembers it differently: 'I had a friend. [...] He thought the group was rather fun. If my memory is correct, he came up with the name just as an idea, as a good way of getting publicity. [...] When we went to them with the name, they were [...] absolutely horrified. They said, “We're not going to be called kinky!”'.

The story of singer Ray Davies then: he seems to remember that their later manager Larry Page came up with the name, and that kinky was a reference to the fashionable clothes of the Kinks. Page is supposed to have said: 'The way you look, and the clothes you wear, you ought to be called the Kinks.'

Ray Davies: 'I've never really liked the name.'

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Active: 1964-1996, GBR

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