Spyro Gyra

Smooth jazz sounds is what this band from Buffalo, New York brings us.

Their name is a residue of a certain type of algae, Spirogyra.

What does band name Spiro Gyra mean - Spirogyra algae - WikipediaSaxophonist Jay Beckenstein must be held responsible for the fact that the honkers were named after the green goo. Jay once studied biology and wrote a paper about the Spirogyra algae.

He says that when the band was in Buffalo - in a joint called Jack Daniels - the owner kept coming back to complain that the band had no name. With the biology study in mind Beckenstein finally gave in and said they were called Spirogyra.

The manager wrote down Spyro Gyra and the band left it at that.

Active: 1974-present, USA
Site: http://www.spyrogyra.com/

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