Squeeze - Between the top of the pop

Why band name Squeeze - Velvet UndergroundNot just another English new wave or power pop band, because at different times in its by now long-lasting existence the London formation had several well-known men on its payroll, such as Jools Holland, Paul Garrack and Don Snow (once in the bosom of Procol Harum).

As the band felt indebted to all those great bands that preceded them, Squeeze was chosen as a band name, after the title of one of the albums of legendary experimental rock band The Velvet Underground of (among others) Lou Reed, Andy Warhol and John Cale.

The latter was - quite appropriately - the producer of the first Squeeze album, that - again quite appropriately - was given the title Squeeze.

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Active: 1974-1982; 1985-1999; 2007-present, GBR
Site: http://www.squeezeofficial.com/

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