Common Rider - Can flip open his helmet

The punk rockers who took to the stage as Common Rider may have been fairly versatile (they were also adept at genres such as reggae, indie rock and ska punk), their stamina had limitations.

Their name could have been a reference to the wish lists a successful act presents to the concert organizer booking their gig. In the industry such a wish list is called a 'rider'.

If this is the case, then the band name would have meant something like 'normal ' wish list, which in fact is kind of special, because the wishes of artists are often bizarre.

Van Halen for example is said to mention in the rider that a bowl of M&M's should be available prior to their performance - but without the brown ones. The band does this to determine if the organizer handles the event with sufficient care, assuming that, if the brown M&M's have been removed, all their wishes will be fulfilled.

But however interesting all this is, Common Rider took its name from something entirely different, namely a popular Japanese cartoon character, Kamen Rider (popularly known as Common Rider).

Active: 1999-2003, USA

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