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Art rock band that had relatively short-ranged but ultimately futile hopes of world fame. The five years of its existence resulted in only two Ikara Colt albums and one EP. Admittedly though the band members kept their promise to quit before they would turn into some old, tired and jaded outfit.

What does band name Ikara Colt mean - Samuel ColtThe words Ikara and Colt were randomly picked from a pile of books on hand; such a random method would normally prevent a mention of this band name in this unusual standard work, but as usual we make an exception because it concerns very specific literature: manuals on weaponry.

The Colt company (in full called Colt's Manufacturing Company and before that Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company) has been manufacturing the most repulsive (and at the same time strangely attractive) widowmakers since 1847.

And Ikara is the name of a type of torpedo that at the end of the 50's was developed by Australia and that has done faithful service for some forty years.

Ikara by the way is the word Australian Aborigines use if they talk about a spear.

Active: 1999-2005, GBR
Site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikara_Colt

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