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Porl King and Karl North of drum and synth duo Rosetta Stone had the peculiarity to give proper names to certain inanimate things, just like Slade did. Their collection of interlinked synthesizers for example was given the name Madame Razor.

Rosetta Stone band name idea - British Museum - LondonThe band name Rosetta Stone is easy to resolve: it refers to the dark granite stone discovered by French troops in July 1799 in Egypt when working on fort St. Julien (now Quaitbay) near the Egyptian city of Rosetta (now El Rashid).

Thanks to the fact that the same text was written in three different ways on the stone (in the form of hieroglyphics, demotic characters and the Greek alphabet) the slab of granite could be used as a translation tool to decipher the hitherto incomprehensible hieroglyphs.

That solves something else as well: from 1973 to 1984 there existed a band with the same name, with in its ranks the former guitarist of the Bay City Rollers, Ian Mitchell. It may be assumed that this formation also looked at the Egyptian stone for inspiration when trying to find a name.

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Active: 1988-1998, GBR

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