Royal Guardsmen - Stick to their post

Humorous sextet from Ocala, Florida, that started as The Posmen (meaning unfortunately unknown).

When the so-called British Invasion engulfed the United States, the need was felt to adopt a truly English band name. Posmen guitarist Barry Winslow, a raw recruit in the band, unwittingly came up with a solution.

How did Royal Guardsmen get the band name - british-guard-graffiti-art - BanksyHis colleagues Bill Balough and John Burdette casted an appraising look at Winslows Vox amplifier and knowingly nodded at Barry - there was the new band name. Winslow misunderstood and said 'Vox?'. Bill and John: 'No, idiot - Royal Guardsmen!' It turned out that the Winslow's Vox amplifier was of the type Royal Guardsman. Barry protested a bit – 'Well guys, that's quite a mouthful' - but Balough and Burdette were not impressed: 'Well, we like it'.

And so began the history of The Royal Guardsmen, who would become world famous thanks to their hit Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron. A comic number.

A pity that the joke was extended with even more Snoopy songs: Return of the Red Baron (1967); Snoopy's Christmas (ditto), Snoopy For President (1968) and - a sweeping victory for the Guardsmen - Snoopy vs. Osama, shamelessly zeroing in on current events (2006).

Active: 1966-present, USA

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