Stendec - No one knows what it means

A duo from London spreads its wings under this name, making electronic or, as the case may be, experimental music. The two, Ben 'Benge' Edwards and Paul 'Tench' Merrit, also founded the prestigious but small record company Expanding.

Concerning the band name: STENDEC was the last sign of life - broadcast in morse - from the crew of the Star Dust, a British South American Airways Avro Lancaster (registration sign G-AGWH).

What does band name Stendec mean - Avro Lancaster airplane mysteryThe plane disappeared under mysterious circumstances on 2 August 1947, while flying over the Andes mountains in South America.

For fifty years there was no trace of the aircraft. Then it was discovered under a glacier.

The mystery is especially in that last morse message: no one knows what STENDEC means. There are of course many theories: Starting En-Route Descent is one of them.

Active: approx. 1995-present, GBR



Unknown said...

The word STENDEC is actually an anagram of DECENTS. Although the message was transmitted 3 times it is possible that the person transmitting the morse code at the time was suffering from a lack of oxygen caused by the plane flying at such a high altitude. As morse is very rhythmical it is possible that the the rhythm stuck with the pilot rather than the letter content.

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