Eve 6

Alternative rock band that had their genesis in La Crescenta, California.

Eve 6 is a fictional character in one of the episodes of television series The X-Files, the eleventh episode of the first season to be exact, entitled Eve.

X-Files fans will probably know that episode, so for the other readers let's suffice to say that it is all about Eve, Adam and their many clones.

How Eve 6 got their band name - X-Files - Eve - Season 1, Episode 11A whole series of Eves make their appearance (played by three different actresses), with Eve number six having the peculiarity of being disturbingly eccentric; among other things she bites the eyeball of a guard... as a sign of affection.

Active: 1995-2004; 2007-present, USA
Site: http://www.eve6.com/

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