Hot Tuna

Blues rockers from San Francisco who can be considered to be a Jefferson Airplane spin-off.

The story goes that the band initially wanted to conquer the world using the name Hot Shit. The record company supposedly talked them out of that.

But then why Hot Tuna? The speculation is that with this name the record company got their way: hot tuna would be slang for the mind-expanding trip caused by heroin.

Those who consult the various slang dictionaries however don't get much further than that hot tuna is a very unfriendly name for the genitals of young, not entirely fresh girls: 'Damn girl, close ya legs; yo tuna stank!'

Why band bame Hot Tuna - Body smellYet this could be a hook, because singer/guitarist Jorma Kaukonen once seems to have stated that the band name is a reference to Keep On Truckin' (Mama), a song by Hot Tuna containing the following lines:

'What's that smell like fish pretty baby
I really would like to know
That ain't pudding baby ain't no pie
It's the stuff that I got you by'.

In this explanation the question 'What's that smell?' has an obvious answer according to Kaukonen: hot tuna.

See also: Lemon JellyJefferson Airplane

Active: 1969-1977; 1983; 1986-present, USA

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