Aztec Camera - Obscure

Aztec Camera (operating base: Glasgow) was in fact Roddy Frame playing with always different musicians.

What does band name Aztec Camera mean - pinhole-film-camera - camera obscuraOur search for the origins of the name Aztec Camera unfortunately remained fruitless.

Fan site does not help us to get much further: 'The band's loopy name was inspired by the 1960's psychedelic groups Frame had been soaking up.'

That leaves room for hypotheses: it can be an intentional anachronism (did the Aztecs already use cameras?) or a playful reference to the pop group as visual recording device: 'as the camera'.

Active: 1980-1995, GBR



Mark Bellis said...

In 1979, Leica released a limited edition version of its R3 camera called the Aztec Attaché Special Edition that came in a briefcase made from a type of wood that was used by the Aztecs.

Anonymous said...

Red is a colour associated with the Aztecs. Camera is [I think!] Latin for 'room' or 'space'. Maybe back in the day, Roddy Frame and his band buddies used to rehearse, jam or perform live in a room with red decor.

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