Aztec Camera - Obscure

Aztec Camera (operating base: Glasgow) was in fact Roddy Frame playing with always different musicians.

What does band name Aztec Camera mean - pinhole-film-camera - camera obscuraOur search for the origins of the name Aztec Camera unfortunately remained fruitless.

Fan site does not help us to get much further: 'The band's loopy name was inspired by the 1960's psychedelic groups Frame had been soaking up.'

That leaves room for hypotheses: it can be an intentional anachronism (did the Aztecs already use cameras?) or a playful reference to the pop group as visual recording device: 'as the camera'.

Active: 1980-1995, GBR



Mark Bellis said...

In 1979, Leica released a limited edition version of its R3 camera called the Aztec Attaché Special Edition that came in a briefcase made from a type of wood that was used by the Aztecs.

Anonymous said...

Red is a colour associated with the Aztecs. Camera is [I think!] Latin for 'room' or 'space'. Maybe back in the day, Roddy Frame and his band buddies used to rehearse, jam or perform live in a room with red decor.

Anonymous said...

Can't back it up (sorry) but I recall some 80s pop magazine (probably Smash Hits) explaining the "Aztec Camera" name, saying that it was a jokey reference to those anachronistic carvings found in South American cultures, e.g. carved line-drawings that resemble modern-day aeroplanes and astronauts - the kind of stuff that Erich von Däniken and the like proposed to be "evidence" for "ancient astronauts", i.e. UFOs visiting primitive earth cultures, hence primitive depictions of advanced tech that the Aztecs (etc) couldn't possibly have known about. Flakey pseudoscience stuff.

Von Däniken's book "Chariots of the Gods?" and associated theories were still pretty popular in the UK when the band was formed, albeit largely forgotten and discredited nowadays.

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